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Welcome to The Green Bird Brigade

Dedicated to educating parrot parents on proper diet, care, enrichment, and training

Welcome to the Flock

My Story

I began my work with parrots in 2016, when I brought home my first budgie, Kai. I immediately noticed the lack of information available on proper diet, care, and handling. Over the next several years, as my flock grew, so did my understanding of the complex needs of companion birds. Through LOTS of research and hands-on experience, I learned the best ways to feed and care for my birds. In 2020, through a series of circumstances, I started Rockford's Rescues, a self-funded parrot rescue, in hopes of helping birds in need. Through my rescue efforts, I have had the opportunity to work with and train many different parrot species and, as a result,  continue to grow my knowledge and understanding of parrot behavior and care.

Jen and Gideon


Feedback from Those I Helped

"I live in the UK and Jen was able to support me with my parrotlet through a video consultation. Jen is an incredible source of knowledge and experience and in 30 minutes, she helped break down the 2-3 main issues I was having with my bird. With excellent advice, I was able to create simple and effective changes with my little bird that have made it a more easeful experience for us both. Jen is a great help and I highly recommend her!"

Caitlin T.

"I am extremely grateful for Jennifer's guidance and training. My cockatoo came to my home with a lot of behavioral problems. Jennifer goes above and beyond to provide step-by-step directions to provide a more enriching life for my cockatoo and to correct my behavior when I interact with my cockatoo. I see the results and will definitely continue our training."

Nasstaran R.

"Since the consultation, I was able to convert Coco, my parrotlet's diet to fresh food and pellets. Your birdie bread worked wonders to help with pellet conversion. After a few weeks, I adopted 2 bonded, untamed parrotlets (Loco and Rocky) who has been on a seed diet for a year. I was also successful at converting them as well."

Lauren J.

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Austin, TX

Thank you!

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